Corporate Investigations

Today’s workplaces are dynamic and complicated environments.  With the prevalence of communications through information technology, evolving social norms and expectations, and an increasing spectrum of diversity in terms of cultures, ages, and biases, workplace friction can be expected. 

Any of these situations may require a prompt and thorough corporate investigation to restore the workplace, uncover employee malfeasance, avoid litigation, or defend the company from pending claims. At MLG, we conduct unbiased and confidential investigations for our clients and advise them on appropriate action.  We draw on years of experience conducting hundreds of investigations for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small family-owned businesses to governmental entities.

Some of our investigations have included:

  • Complaints of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and disability in workplaces ranging from industrial manufacturing plants to hospitals to law firms
  • Suspected violations of sunshine laws and policies by elected officials
  • Complaints of accommodation discrimination
  • Concerns of employee accounting fraud at a US manufacturing facility in Mexico
  • Incidents of employee theft of tangible property in numerous Fortune 500 companies
  • Incidents of employee theft of intellectual property within the financial services and technology industries

MLG has been very successful in solving complex and intricate problems for our clients, drawing on our depth of experience of conducting corporate investigations.  In addition, we have trained our clients on investigation processes and legal compliance, analyzed policies, and drafted employee handbooks addressing current laws and best practices.